Diablo 3, Auction House Unavaliable

Blizzard team is just doing an outstanding job of surprising us again and again, first they surprised with server errors, then pings over 300, lately they came up with a great idea to have people wait for 3 days before they can enjoy they digital version of the game and now… the Auction House is down. Apparently even though it is down, the time in AH did not freeze, so yes you may miss on some bidding (info from some players on forums) .

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Grap2034d ago

WTF wrong with this game!... #[email protected]# DRM

Hal0_0_EmElG2034d ago

Blizzard is a great developer , Sony could learn a lot from them.

admiralthrawn872034d ago

whats wrong with this game? media focusing on the rare occasions that something bad happens. Meanwhile people have obviously been playing long enough to beat it with hardcore characters on inferno mode. I've had a great time co-oping with friends and unlocking whimseyshire.

vortis2033d ago

A lot of people can't play, that's what's wrong.

Those who can are like "Well I can play, nothing is wrong with the game."

But peeps in the U.S., Korea, France and Germany are having problems just playing the game regularly, and since they can't Blizzard is getting a lot of bad press for it and they should.

What's worse is that they were refusing refunds even though there was a player limit for the Asia server, so a whole bunch of Koreans couldn't play the game AT ALL.

Can you imagine paying $60 or more for a game you can't play and the company shrugs their shoulders and says "Well, that's what's it like with always-on."

thezeldadoth2034d ago

this site loves to post negative news of blizzard and Wii-U. Those tend to get the hottest degrees. On the other hand, good news about sony exclusives is always posted. You can't deny it

Drummerdude412033d ago

Wait...when was it available?!!

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The story is too old to be commented.