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GamerFitNation: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal is the free-for-all fighting game that will be featuring some of PlayStation’s most iconic video game stars! Gamers will get to choose from a fun list of characters which includes Kratos, Sweet Tooth, and Big Daddy-just to name a few. The gameplay is similar to the one of Super Smash Bros., but if-for whatever reason-you’ve never played Smash Bros. here’s a brief description.

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PHOSADRA2219d ago

I actually wouldn't mind seeing Ellen And Keats in the game. Sure the characters themselves aren't the most vivid or colorful, but they both have some kick ass folks at their disposal and could easily go head to head with other characters if the correct folks are chosen.

Nexgensensation2218d ago

how hard can it be anyway. to create 151 little big monsters!