Wii U Wont Sell in Australia

The games industry tends to overlook the significance of games down under. To Andrew Nardi's surprise, some industry analysts have dubbed Australia as a “gaming nation” - keeping in mind that our population is just under 23 million, which is almost the population of Texas, on a land mass just under the size of the U.S, in a federated country that is a little over 100 years old. So yeah, we’re a small population of folks living on a giant island well out of the way - we’ve hardly contributed to the global canon of video games at all (except with maybe our co-development of BioShock), but at the same time, we are only a young country, and we’re still expanding and growing in all entertainment industries, not just video games. Sadly, our uneducated culture tends to revolve around excessive drinking, rugby league, motor racing, getting drunk, the great outdoors and… getting shit-faced.

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claud32219d ago

It might fail all together

PopRocks3592219d ago

While I can see why people believe it won't be as large scale a success as the Wii was, I doubt it will actually be a failure. It's like saying Sony or Microsoft's next console will fail; the fanbases are too large and loyal at this point.

Y_51502219d ago

The 3DS didn't look good at all, I mean really not at all...But guess what? It's doing and it is now fantastic! (I own one!)

SockeyBoy2219d ago

...but with the other consoles you could: Get drunk with your xbox 360, play Rugby League with your PS3, go motor racing with your wii, and take them all outdoors on a camping trip. :/

NYC_Gamer2219d ago

Australia seems like my type of country since i enjoy getting drunk

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2219d ago

So, what you are saying is WiiU needs a packed in Game for your country, how about "Wii Drink U Under the Table"? The 1st Console drinking game.

There problem solved.

Actually, if what you say is true, somebody ought to develope that- cuz I'm pretty sure that will sell World-wide.

If people can put video games in urinals (look it up) why not a inexpensive but fun drinking game?

claud32219d ago

Wii U striper gram is a nice idea i feel

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The story is too old to be commented.