Halo Cosplay - The Good, The Bad and The Weird

We have the good, the bad and the down right weird for you here again in this weekends cosplay feature, is there a game you would like to see featured in next weeks cosplay gallery? leave your interesting thoughts and comments below and we hope you enjoy this weeks gallery.

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guitarse2068d ago

While there are many sexy cortana (and many not so sexy lol) cos-plays out there, you gotta give credit to the people who armour up and go out as a grunt or elite! those costumes kick ass (although alot less sexy than the cortana ones to be sure)

MoreConsole2068d ago

I love these pics, they make a welcome change from all the overtly sexual stuff we're used to seeing. Those grunts are creepy!

trenso12068d ago

aye that was my friend in the first spartan pic :D

JohnApocalypse2067d ago

The Noble 2 one is my favorite