The Top 5 Angriest People In Gaming

Rage is a pretty common theme among video game characters. It is a driver, keeping them grounded and driven on their personal quest, be it redemption or revenge. But there are some characters who take rage to a whole new level. Caleb from gives us his take on the five angriest of them all.

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jamesensor2037d ago

They forgot ANGRY JOE! How could they miss that?! lol

MrMister2036d ago

If I could add 2 more, it would be Shank (from the psn/live arcade games) and Razorfist (the gaming commentator on youtube)

PrimeLantern2037d ago

Angry Joe's got nothing on AVGN.

icemonkey92037d ago

Pretty funny idea for an article, well done.

Godmars2902037d ago

Considering that Kratos actually destroys the world, you'd think he'd rate higher.

Canary2037d ago

The consumers are the angirest people in gaming. Not only do we have to accept sub-standard quality in terms of our product, but we also have to suffer the disdain, disrespect and dismissal from both the general culture AND the biggest producers in the industry.

And to top it all off, we also have to endure fellow gamers who insist that everyone stop complaining, shut up entirely, bend over, spread their cheeks and accept each new thrust with a smile and a "thank you sir."

The gamer/consumer who's paying attention is angrier and has more right for that anger than anyone in the industry, or any character in any game.

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