Viewer's Guide to EVO 2012 Championship Series

Splitkick: The Super Bowl of fighting games is quickly approaching. Thousands of competitors from around the world will congregate in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Evolution Championship Series. Better known as “EVO”, it’s the biggest, and most important fighting game tournament of the year.

Last year, over 2 million viewers watched it live online. This year, you can get the most out of your EVO-watching experience with this handy viewer’s guide. Though it won’t explain the nuances of an option-select-dragon-punch-foc us-attack-dash-cancel-ultra-com bo, you’ll hopefully come away with enough context to enjoy the action at a deeper level, even if you’re not a black belt in fighting games.

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DaThreats2097d ago

I think Fuudo might be champ again

RockmanII72095d ago

Justin Wong, Mihe, or Filipino Champ are gonna win Marvel.

Lord_Sloth2095d ago

I am deeply upset at the exclusion of BlazBlue in this EVO.

Scizz2095d ago

Mihe is not winning evo lololol. It's a toss up between most of the top players really, comes down to if you get lucky in your brackets.

Cryptcuzz2095d ago

I wonder how Diago will do at this event. Will he even be there?

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