Need for Speed is now a "Criterion gig"

During an Interview with Criterion´s VP Alex Ward, he says, Need for Speed is now a "Criterion gig".

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Hufandpuf2218d ago

Why don't they just do away with Need for Speed since Criterion has been tasked to develop for it.

I WISH THEY WOULD MAKE AN UNDERGROUND 3! Why doesn't EA like money!?

LiamIRL822218d ago

As good as Criterion are at racers why have we not seen Black 2 yet

RevXM2218d ago

Such an epic game. Its almost impossible to believe it is running that smooth on the ps2 as the game looks stellar and have quite awesome destruction.

Im sure if Criterion made BLACK 2 it would sell like hotcakes if they used the best formulas of the original with some slight tweaks to fit to current or next gen and advertised the game properly.

RioKing2217d ago

Ahh yes, Black...the first shooter I ever fell in love with :)

Sainox162217d ago

Wasn't Bodycount a sequel to Black? I could be wrong though..

TurboGamer2218d ago

Will it have customization...

GamingManiac2218d ago

It has performance customization, but I think their gonna fuck us over with body and pain customization....

RioKing2217d ago

No it won't. Performance mods don't count either...

Yodagamer2218d ago

It makes sense, the shift series is pretty much separate from need for speed now, so really the only two studios that are/were making need for speed have been black box and criterion.

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The story is too old to be commented.