What Went Wrong with Stereo 3D?

What went wrong? Was it only ever a gimmick? Is there any future for 3D gaming?

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Lucretia2193d ago

ever since it came out 3d was a fad. who ever didnt see that was blind as hell.

main problem is that not everyones eyes could take it, and it never really added to movies.

we just got into HD then jumped 3d for no reason. it was a good gimmick while it lasted

nukeitall2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

3D on Nintendo 3DS made the most sense due to pricing, and the support Nintendo is giving it. I think it is a gimmick that appeals to the younger crowd.

3D on consoles on the other hand required substantial investment, and the experience was hardly worth it. The biggest pusher of 3D was Sony and they essentially stopped support for it. It was a costly gimmick for many, lucky for me I spent $600 on my 51" Samsung Plasma. I paid $100 extra for 3D with the glasses so not a big loss on gimmicky and uncomfortable technology.

I thought 3D on TVs was fad before I bought it, and it has only solidified it after I got it!

PoSTedUP2193d ago

not everyone in this horrible world economy has the luxury of buying a 3D tv, alot of people were just starting to get into HDTV and have just bought their first HDTV. give it a little bit the hype Just started since like avatar then killzone3D era, which was like a Little over ONE year ago...

inveni02193d ago

Yeah, you can hardly blame 3D for not skyrocketing right out of the gate. People WILL buy it, eventually. In fact, I just told my wife the other day that the next TV we buy will be 80" and 3D, so we'll never have to go and sit in a crappy theater with noisy idiots again.

(But I'm not buying a 3D TV until I can get one larger than 65" at less than $2k.)

The biggest enemy of 3DTV is the now inexpensive LCD and Plasma TV. Our last TV was a 46" 1080p LCD TV from BestBuy that we bought to replace the one my kid broke. The price? A measly $379. With a price like that, I'd be stupid to go 3D. In three years, though, 3D will be cheap, too, and that's what people will be buying, because that's all there will be (besides the 4k TVs).

nukeitall2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )


"The biggest enemy of 3DTV is the now inexpensive LCD and Plasma TV"

So you are saying people aren't willing to pay extra for 3D TV?

That was known from the very beginning. By the time the technology gets cheap enough, despite the fact that I got 3D feature for only a $100 more on my cheap ass $600 TV, the content providers are scaling back support.


* Blu-Ray isn't very relevant anymore and that's primarily the source you will get 3D on.
* Streaming doesn't support 3D and at the current pace, it doesn't look like anyone will care.
* Games was the huge driver, but even Sony doesn't push it anymore.
* The glasses still aren't universal and uncomfortable. In fact, the 3D feature itself is uncomfortable.

So even if the TV gets cheaper, which I can't imagine much more, the content won't be there. Face it, 3D was *barely* a fad, because even then it was barely popular. There has literally been no shift in the market.

So tell me how much cheaper 3D needs to be for mass adoption?

GrandTheftZamboni2193d ago

I guess you never played Super Stardust in 3D.

specialguest2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

You couldn't be more wrong about 3D not adding to movies. Ever since Avatar, watching sci-fi movies at the theater in 3D is a must. Though the wonder and amazement of experiencing 3D done perfectly well for the first time of Avatar is sorta gone, that's only because I've grown accustom to the 3D depth always being there, in a way, taking it for granted. However, watching a sci-fi movie at the theater without the 3D feels painfully lacking.

Keep in mind that there are "good" 3D and tacted-on "meh" 3D. Prometheus and Tron Legacy are some examples of the good 3D since it was shot in 3D. Wrath of the Titans was tacked on "meh" 3D.

We see our world in full 3D depth, and 3D when done right is one step closer to adding extra realism and immersion to movies.

Knushwood Butt2192d ago

Yeah, it's the same with games too.

Motor Storm RC in 3D? Why?? The camera is top-down and there's almost no contrast between foreground and background for the most part.

Tumble in 3D? Hell yes.

Same goes for films.

Incidentally, the 3D Blu-ray of Cloudy with a chance of metballs is very good.

DeFFeR2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Your last point about shot in 3d vs post production is the main point people need to understand - if it's SHOT in 3D, it's going to look kick-ass.

If it's post-production, it's just a gimmick and won't really add any visual value to the experience.

The Avengers - great great movie, but neither gains no loses any value with 3D - so why bother? (Money is the answer, but it's more of a rhetorical question.)

Genesis52192d ago

I saw the Avengers in 3D on a Imax screen. It was worth the extra $5. It was absolutely amazing. There is no better way to see a movie like that.

morganfell2192d ago

One of the problems we have is people saying

"3D doesn't add anything and it's just a fad" when what they really mean is "I can't afford a 3D television so therefore 3D is bad."


I can't think of any 3D games I have, and I own quite a few, that once I have played them in 3D I could go back to 2D. No, not at all. 3D is amazing and it adds so much to gaming. It's the people that have only seen it at best buy and then act as if they have fully experienced it who are the problem.

creatchee2192d ago

The main problem for me is the discoloration. Everything looks a little darker. Nothing is as vibrant as it should be.

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ReservoirDog3162192d ago

Yeah 3D goes in and out of fashion every 30 years. 50s, 80s, 2010s.

I never thought it looked good honestly and it was insulting in movies.

RioKing2192d ago

Insulting, are you effing serious? How's it "insulting"?

ReservoirDog3162192d ago

Haha, I'm a movie lover and a video game lover but I actually wanna work in the movie industry someday. 3D is a slap on the face to cinematography and compromises the integrity of every scene.

3D is shot in digital and digital has always* been known to be terrible for movies. Film looks way better for several reasons.

Look up Christopher Nolan's reasons on why he'll never shoot in 3D. That's why The Dark Knight Rises isn't in 3D. And Quentin Tarantino (who I obviously love hence my name) has said the day Hollywood stops shooting on film is the day he retires from making movies.

To people who are serious about movies, the look of 3D is insulting. Which makes Martin Scorsese doing a movie in 3D disgusting cause he put the filming of Silence and Sinatra on hold because they gave him a huge check.

And not to mention the fact they think that we don't have an attention span longer than 2 minutes before they have to throw stuff at us to get our attention. It's stupid.

attilayavuzer2192d ago

Digital looks terrible? You mean there's no grain and everything looks glossy and detailed right?

Unless it's being shot on 70mm, film<digital.

Now all we need are 60fps movies to start gaining traction...

stormskiier2192d ago

I just came back back from playing a 3D co-op session with my friend on Halo anniversary and I can tell you for sure that 3D is definitively not dead. We just dont hear about as much as we used to

FriedGoat2192d ago

Your missing the point, If you want the best 3d you will not be using your playstation/xbox. I've adopted 3d since the beginning, there's a steady stream of blu rays now and with Nvidia's drivers on the PC you can play pretty much any game in 1080P 3d and it looks beautiful. I cant stand dumbed down console low res 3d it looks terrible. I just play my consoles in normal. i'll wait until next gen for that.

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honkyjesus2193d ago

The prices for a 3DTV went wrong. They are always going down, I will get one in the next year or two, but they have been an extreme luxury.

guitarded772193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

^ This... this is what has held 3D back.

Like with any technology, the early adopters are few, but once the product makes its way into the homes of the few, it will eventually drop in price and more people will buy. I have 4 HD screens, but only my little 24" Sony monitor is 3D, and the only reason I have it is because I got a hell of a deal on it. I wouldn't spend big bucks on a 3D screen, but now that I've experienced gaming in 3D, I know that my next big screen will be 3D, especially since the prices are way down and I already have two pair of glasses.

Sevir2192d ago

While they are good, there are other brands that made upgrading to a 3d set very economical with brilliant results. Vizio and Panasonic comes to mind, and they did that at half the price which was comparable to some of Sony's and Samsung's Mid to Top range LCD/Plasma TV at the same price!

What went wrong is people simply not being educated! 3d is far from a fad! Its where TV is going! Every movie and just about every game these days comes with 3d Support. Movies and games will continue to be the driving force. The pick up adoption rate may be slow but its an undeniable progress towards the future!

If 3d was such a gimmick then movies wouldn't be released in 3d now!

And this holiday season 4K will be the new big thing and people will start to question that as 4K tvs start to enter the market and Those 4k TV's will have 3d support, while current and better 3d technology will emerge driving cost down while current 3d HDTV's become cheap.

People who write off things like this in technology as just a fad or a gimmick, either A) don't like it. B) Have no long term vision into technology. or C) both "a" and "b". most often than not, its "c".

I can say that I've been enjoying a great 47in HD 3DTV from Vizio and it only cost me $600 and it has internet, Apps, and runs at 240mhz 1080p No issues! The 3d glasses are 15 bucks to replace and the quality of the 3d is comparable to whats in the theater or any of Sammy's current 3dTV offerings and that was it's starting price last year!

Compare that to one of Sony's "Mid-range" HDTVs that do 1080p and 240mhz with no 3d or internet and you start to see if people are just getting suckered into brand loyalty instead of shopping for bargains and more bang for your buck!

LiamIRL822193d ago

I can't be the only one that gets tired eyes from 3d.

Mariusmssj2193d ago

I love all the people that bash 3D!!!

I got a 120Hz monitor with Nvidia 3D system and I am loving it!!! Gaming is amazing with it, playing trine 2, witcher 2 is breathtaking. I also watch plenty of 3D movies.

Please don't compare that cheap Cinema 3D crap with real 3D systems!

SeekDev2192d ago

I have a reliable friend that says Nvidia 3D on his 120Hz monitor is amazing. So I trust him. He I'd love to play a racing game in 3D, maybe Dirt 2 or 3.

KiLLeRCLaM2192d ago

I have the same and I agree, it's amazing to play and watch in 3D. Take's a little getting used to I find with gaming.

SeekDev2192d ago

It's just another thing that adds to the immersion of gaming. So to me, that's a positive.

bumnut2192d ago

Witcher 2 looks amazing in 3D, have you tried Just Cause 2?

stephmhishot2193d ago

If Apple ever releases a true iTV or Apple TV, whatever you want to call it, watch it have 3D and everyone in the media will jump on the 3D bandwagon. Throw an Apple logo on the 3D glasses and people will start wearing them as a fashion statement.