Guild Wars 2 is “not just swords and dragons” – ArenaNet

News: The “scope and variety” of Guild Wars 2′s setting means that developer ArenaNet can avoid fantasy tropes, says the developer.

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DudeJets2095d ago

That's correct it's also a waste of £50

Leaguer2095d ago

too much talk already..just release the game already ffs and let the people decide if it is as good as devs are hyping it to be (which by the way is beyond ridiculous already)...

Farsendor12095d ago

i don't expect the game to be bigger then the hype or even meet it up but im excited for the game.

from the beta previews it seems like the game still needs more work so i hope they don't rush it.

wollie2095d ago

played both beta weekends.

Its the best MMORPG that I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Its even got my wife back into game after having 2 kids! If you get the chance do your self a favor and play this game.