Skyrim Dawnguard DLC: New teaser for live stream

Product-Reviews writes: Most of our Skyrim readers will know that the Dawnguard DLC is coming to the Xbox 360 in 3 days time, but some of you might not know there is a live stream event being planned by IGN, which will offer a way to see live gameplay during the launch, and this is especially good for PS3 owners and those of our readers not wanting to purchase right away. Today we can show you a new teaser video just uploaded by those planning this event, which provides a lot more information on what you can expect during this event planned for June 26th, 9am PST

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danswayuk2127d ago

This new live teaser just makes me look forward to the live event even more, sadly I am on the PS3 and have to wait another month. Not too bad considering how long we have waited so far.

ricky3602127d ago

Having an Xbox 360 feels good right about now.

Derekvinyard132126d ago

Are you ps3 owners actually buying this? skyrim itself is still having problems for me.this water bug is unacceptable

tr00p3r2127d ago

Plenty of PS3 owners will be watching this event.

danswayuk2127d ago

Looking forward to watching the gameplay.

ricky3602127d ago

I am a player not a watcher.

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The story is too old to be commented.