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Announced by Gearbox Software on August 3rd of last year, Borderlands 2 is finally preparing to hit the shelves on September 18th, later this year. Borderlands’ iconic art style, coupled with its unique combination of first person shooter and role playing elements made it something many people enjoyed immensely. Now, five years later we’re finally getting the sequel we’ve been waiting for, and it promises to deliver an amazing follow-up experience.

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DestinyHeroDoomlord2220d ago

Are you kidding me? Day one dlc for the mechromancer I was so hyped for. Damn you! Damn you too heck!

vallencer2220d ago

Its not day one gearbox said it comes out at most 90 days after the game comes out. Either way just pre order it and you're set.

SeekDev2220d ago

Regardless of whether or not the mechromancer is day one DLC, why is it DLC in the first place? Are they still developing it after release? If so, that's "fine," although I do prefer free DLC. It makes feel good inside.

iluvps3952220d ago

I had so much fun with the first game, really looking forward to the 2nd. I just hope they add more than just new playable characters and new enemies/vehicles. I wanna see some new gameplay mechanics......I think I might be wishing for too much though.

Parasyte2220d ago

I don't think Gearbox have said that the Mechromancer will be Day 1 DLC. To my knowledge they have only said that she will be available within 90 days of the release.

It doesn't matter to me either way since I've pre-ordered BL2. I would have paid for the Mechromancer even if I hadn't!

fOrlOnhOpe572220d ago

Five years later? Didnt Borderlands release in 2009?

vallencer2220d ago

Yeah lol glad im not the only one who noticed.

Parasyte2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

Same here. And I don't think the Mechromancer is Day 1 DLC either.

SeekDev2220d ago

I think the writer confused the events of Borderlands 2 taking place 5 years after the original game's events with the real life years between their releases (which is to be 3 years).