LEGO Lord of the Rings - E3 2012 Video Interview

Player Attack: TT Games has a long-running history of making bricky adaptations of well-beloved franchises. Despite a back-catalogue spanning Star Wars, Indiana Jones and even Batman, the developer has just embarked on its most epic quest yet: LEGO Lord of the Rings.
The game is based more on the Peter Jackson film adaptations than the Tolkien novels, throwing in more than a few cinematic references to keep the fans happy. Executive Producer Nick Ricks is more than a little excited about the game, and we caught up with him at E3 to discuss one of the cutest games of the show.

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irishyort2095d ago

Lets hope there's some difficulty in this one and an option to have limited lives difficulty setting

hardandsloppy2095d ago

The Vita version better be the same as the console version this time!!