Final Fantasy XI Seekers of Adoulin Screens and Trailer

Square Enix has released official media for Final Fantasy XI's Adoulin no Makyou expansion pack (known in English as "Seekers of Adoulin").

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phantomexe2220d ago

That sucks for people on the ps2. SE should put it all on psn. i'd buy it and even play it again.

bwazy2220d ago

I bought their last "expansion" bundle.... It's absolutely sad how terribly dead the game is unless you're level capped.

Needless to say I quit when I could not get a party in the Dunes.

FredEffinChopin2220d ago

I just came back about a month ago and things have vastly changed... Whether for better or worse it's hard to say. Parties do not happen the way you remember them... I have a friend in here who started leveling his WHM lsast night @30 and who is now 95. I can't explain it all in this little post obviously... You may want to take a look though. It's interesting to say the least.

One month back:

JoySticksFTW2220d ago

I recently played FFXI again

No Dunes party needed any more with FoV and especially GoV.

I went from low teens to high 40's in a single night doing a level-synched GoV book burn in Gusgen Mines.

And then Abyssea is crazy exp / merits. You really level TOO fast. Like so fast, people don't know how to play their jobs or even use their job abilities at level 99.

Plus they constantly make limit break quests easier.

It's fun, but definitely different from what the game used to be when it first came out.

But hey, people beotched about the time sync / grind.

It really is accessible to new players now, and LS' will help you out too. At least that's what I found.

2220d ago
Kamikaze1352220d ago

I guess the reasoning for fast leveling is to get as many people doing end-game content as possible. Can't blame em. SE seem to be doing the same thing with XIV by allowing easy PLing and only adding end-game content to XIV.

Tundra2219d ago

Whoa.. I gotta finish getting my 90 Almace now.

Drabent2219d ago

Yep game is dead, still the best mmo I've played so I'll just wait for FFXIV 2.0 Q1.

bwazy2219d ago

Do yourself a favour (quite seriously) and look into Guild Wars 2. As a gamer and a MMO fan, you owe it to yourself.

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