5 things the Mass Effect 3 DLC needs to answer

Go! "I enjoyed Mass Effect 3 and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I thought the ending could have used some more clarification; but I was not outraged like some former fans of the series. However, there are some things that warrant an answer from Bioware and I’m sure everyone else has similar questions on their mind as well."

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swat_teem2128d ago

funny captions on pictures :P

aliengmr2128d ago

There was very little coherent thought put into the endings. It seems they wanted to go a certain way with it, and ran out of time.

I cannot believe any rational person could watch the ending (singular) and say this was the best BW could do. For me its never been about the theme of the ending, but that it was just so horribly done. The ending should have been in the works since the release of the first game, if not during its production. Once they knew they would be doing a trilogy is when the ending should have been written. Instead, it was still in the works just a few months prior to release.

There's also the space-brat issue. IMO its the real problem with the ending. Its a "black hole" in the entire narrative. It breaks all the rules set in the ME universe and defies all logic. It comes literally out of nowhere and introduces the real main antagonist in the last five minutes of the ending to a trilogy. I haven't even gotten to the fact that you are forced to pick one of three asinine choices(each of which defy any logical explanation) given to you by an entity trying to save you by killing you to prevent you from making machines that will kill you. And what is your reward for this journey through "nonsense" land? What is essentially ONE cutscene with minor variations in hue that tries to make even less sense. Yet all this got a thumbs up. Amazing.

This was an ending to a trilogy. A trilogy that, up until the last 10 minutes has given explanations for everything in the universe so as to suspend disbelief. The "theme" of the ending is the least of its problems.

Seriously, you can't fix stupid. So why even try?

despair2128d ago

Haven't you heard, nothing beats space magic :)

It certainly did seem like they painstakingly crafted everything leading up to the last 20 minutes or so and then just rushed some crap.

I mean everything with all the other major races was so nicely put together and tied up, the choices were tough and the results were mostly satisfying (The choices you made should've resulted in a much more comprehensive and complicated effect on the final battle, not just an increase or decrease of the readiness number), but then the ending happened and basically said [email protected]#$ You to the first 95% of your game and the previous two titles in the trilogy.

If this is just a simple expansion on the crappy ending then I will just watch it on youtube, no need to waste time dl'ing 1.9 GB and playing over the ending for another narrative failure. But I do hope they change it and even add more gameplay to the end, but who knows.

Raka2128d ago

ME3 should have ended when shepard was having that last little but EPIC emotional talk with anderson at the citadel...

enjoying the view from there while watching the reapers blowing to pieces,

mep692128d ago

hmm for some reason when i click agree i get a page error pop up, same for reply aswell.
Anyway aliengmr, i agree.

Lord_Sloth2128d ago

I had that problem for the last 2 days. It's gone now, thankfully.

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