PlayStation exec says Sony’s digital downloads future is “inevitable”

The Interactive writes: "We met with Sony Computer Entertainment of America Senior VP Scott Rohde and talked at length about the digital future of video games and other media on the PlayStation Network. When we asked him if Sony is moving towards a digital distribution model for games, he emphatically said, “It’s something we want to do, and it’s inevitable.”"

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NovusTerminus2132d ago

Given my Comcast "High speed internet" I dread the day.

There are days I end up with 30kps as my DL speed, really, I don't wanna know how long it would take me to get a game....

paybackprahl2132d ago

I definitely feel for you there. Let's say DD takes the form of streaming in several years time. Even OnLive, the biggest streaming service in the nation, lags on my super fast Internet connection at Uni. Something's gotta get fixed before this digital future can become reality.

Campy da Camper2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

ISPs will have to figure something out. If DD is the way of the future and millions are needing high bandwidth and the ISPs cannot deliver then they will receive a LOT of pissed off customers in their lobbies. Or, someone will step up and offer the bandwidth needed and current ISPs will lose customers in droves.

It would be similar to if VHS manufactures decided not to make DVD players yet the movie industry stopped making VHS rentals and only put out DVDs.

avengers19782132d ago

When they can do it in a fashion were it's a lot faster. I don't want to spend all day downloading 40 gigs of data to my System, when i could easily pop in the disc in be playing in like under a minute.

hennessey862132d ago

I am, lucky enough to have a very fast connection, but there are plenty of people who don't. Just imagine GTA 6 on the PS6 and having to wait 3 days for it to download and then a day to install. I think I prefer the way we do it now thanks

ChronoJoe2131d ago

I think at least for the next generation DD will exist alongside retail copies. Similar to how things are being handled with the Playstation Vita. Then after that they'll test the waters, see if people are ready before launching a DD only product.

I don't really want that though. I think even then they'll need to offer some form of hard copy ownership for those who want it. I don't trust Sony or anyone to keep their services running forever, so ultimately if I don't have a hard copy I fear I'll lose ownership of my game when they stop distributing it.

XeoZin2132d ago

I hope it all become digital one day because of the enviroment. Not that retail boxes and games are a big issue for the enviroment, but everthing counts in the long run.
But ofc i can see the problems with not all having great connections to mae it become a reality in the near future.
I will however miss many of those crisp collector editions cases..

ChronoJoe2131d ago

I think in the end physical copies will only exist in their collectors edition forms.

So you might be okay. Serving the majority digitally then a minority that want a physical copy plus extras would be the ideal solution that benefits the environment whilst offering those that really want a physical copy an opportunity to get one.

I mean if you look at the music industry, digital sales launched like how many years ago now? and they still have to sell physical copies because some people still buy that way ... I think digital is going to be around for a long time but it's just going to switch from the popular medium in the next 5 years.

AdmiralSnake2132d ago

I prefer to keep both markets of digital and retail.

SnakeCQC2132d ago

then why are you fighting it with you 50 pound games!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.