New Final Fantasy XI Expansion Announced

Square Enix is readying the fifth expansion disc for Final Fantasy XI. Titled Adoulin no Makyou, the game is due for release in 2013.

The expansion was announced at today's "A Decade of Final Fantasy XI Vana Fest 2012" event. As reported at, a teaser trailer promised new areas, new jobs, and a new story.

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Blasphemy2192d ago

Awesome can't wait for this. I just restarted XI last year and have been having fun with it Abyssea made everything crazy fun and it's easy to get the good weapons and gear and the leveling is the fastest in any MMO I have ever played.

iXenon2192d ago about support...this game is like 11yrs old

Reibooi2192d ago

I'm honestly surprised. I had assumed there would never be another expansion for the game as the last few years had them doing smaller add ons for lower prices. But it's pretty cool of them to keep supporting the game.

A few things I saw over on the official FFXI site says one of the new jobs is Geomancer(the other isn't shown yet) and it doesn't list the PS2 as a supported platform so they might be pulling support of that platform so they can keep the game alive going forward.

lodossrage2192d ago

Not that this is a bad thing. But I have to be honest here.

I think they're supporting this game with another expansion right now because of the dire problem Final Fantasy 14 has become for them.

Dno2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

not at all. theres has been about 8 mini exanp pack since 2010. this is coming now because they finally are getting rid of the ps2 support because that was holding them back. ps2 only had a 40 gig HDD and that was holding them back.

After a long descion they drpped support for it and 360 and PC get what fans have been asking for more non mini expan packs