Someone Should Ask Kojima If He Knows Anything About The PS4

He's been loyal to the PlayStation brand for decades and he's currently working on multiple projects that are a long ways off. Wouldn't he have a little PS4 knowledge?

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dotwithshoes2214d ago

except Kojima's games, minus MGS4, have never been Playstation Exclusive. Obvious bias makes this terrible.

PoSTedUP2214d ago

he said decades of being loyal, not: "such and such games were only exclusive.". with that said. kojima: mgs5 on the ps3 will get you quick sales & money, And you already know the ins and outs of the ps3 making it 100% polished and epic. At The Same time you'll be able to figure out the dev kit of the PS4 better for when you are ready to make mgs6 then at the time of advertising the games release more people will own a ps4. bingo.

dotwithshoes2214d ago

Really guy? What you said had not one ounce of meaning to what I said. He said decades of being loyal, which implies that Kojima's games are exclusive to the PS brand. Which, clear to see, they are not. The main MGS series has never been, and never will be(minus MGS4) a Sony exclusive series. The series didn't even start on a Sony platform.

Heck, Even Kojima Productions' games aren't exclusive to Sony.

Learn some basic reading comprehension and some insight on the subject you're talking about before you respond, please. The internet is full of useful information about all kinds of subjects.

PoSTedUP2214d ago

no you're completely wrong lmao. it does Not imply that Kojimas games are strictly exclusive. are you serious? learn to read. decades of being loyal meaning mgs1 on PS for Decades, mgs3 on ps for the number of years, portable ops on psp, mgs4 etc. and only my first sentence was a reply to you dipshit. "Learn some basic reading comprehension and some insight on the subject you're talking about before you respond" HA go back to class now child.

BiggCMan2214d ago

Kojima makes his Metal Gear games on Sony consoles, period. They are then ported to other consoles/handhelds YEARS later, but they are in fact, ALWAYS made on a Sony console FIRST, and specifically with the Sony hardware in mind. And when you think of Metal Gear, Playstation always comes to mind, that's just how it is. Yes the series didn't start on Playstation, because it was not even around when the series started, but he jumped straight there when it released. I smell someone who isn't much of a fan here, so I won't push any further. Do some research.

NastyLeftHook02214d ago

kojimas too busy sipping a martini kicking back on a 25th story building in hong kong giving tips to his female friends to worry about answering a question from a normal human being.

Ashunderfire862214d ago

Mr. Kojima said," What do I know about PS4?...Hmm... If I tell you the truth I gonna have to kill you."