Need for Speed Series Lands in Criterion's Lap

The developer behind Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and the upcoming revamp of Most Wanted now has full control over the entire franchise.

Game Informer reported that Criterion vice president Alex Ward confirmed that EA has given them full run of the series, although he didn't specify if Criterion would handle every NFS game in the series or just oversee them with another studio helping out with the work. He noted, however, that every title in the series would have "a strong Criterion development."

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Sucitta2161d ago

the only really good nfs in the last 10 years that wasn't a childish arcade racer was shift and that wasn't criterion..

DeadlyFire2161d ago

While I do agree Shift has lots of potential and was first serious attempt from EA to make a real racing game in awhile. It wasn't a bad idea at all. Shift reminded me of ideals series had when NFS 2 was around.

Now that Criterion has full control though they can take the series to a new level. Something EA has not done since they shifted the game to a new studio every year for so long. Now NFS has a home and it can develop into something amazing. Criterion has never made full blown crap. So I expect quality from them. Even though Hot Pursuit was pretty much NFS: Hot Pursuit like the old days with a few variations and Multiplayer mode. It wasn't crap, but it wasn't a golden title to worship either.

RioKing2161d ago

I'm sorry but Criterion isn't that great at adding DEPTH to racing games. Sure they're very fun, but after a while you grow tired. Just my 2 cents ...

xJumpManx2161d ago

Need for speed has always been an arcade racing game. That is why they switched the brand from need for speed to Shift for the boring sim racing game.

TopDudeMan2161d ago

Well, that must mean they're doing a good job. Hot pursuit was the most fun I've had in a need for speed game in a LONG time.

typeN82161d ago

Shift was okay...didnt like shift2
I really miss NFS Underground2

Forza is my fav this gen...drifting is fun..cant wait for horizon

But cri. Has done a pretty good job
I want to see open world
Burnout paradise was sweet