Incoming video for BeamNG's mind-blowing CryEngine 3 physics system, teaser screenshot revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Remember that mind-blowing CryEngine 3 video that showcased some amazing, revolutionary soft-body physics? Well, BeamNG has been hard at work and will present – in approximately two weeks – a new video from the latest build of their physics system."

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claud31492d ago

Nice, it shows whats possible

Cryptcuzz1491d ago

That is correct, I can't wait til Next Gen consoles arrive to see how our beloved franchises will look and play.

I like your avatar!

Hal0_0_EmElG1491d ago

Next gen consoles have no chance of handling this.

SignifiedSix1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Annnnnd, you know this how???

GTA4 pretty much does this, just not as accurate...

lzim1490d ago

with gpu acceleration they surely could.

but your point is their GPUs will be value version with no real horse power.

level 3601491d ago

Video looks good and am sure it would be improved further.. hope the next-gen of racing-sim game and their developers adopts this physics-engine.

Nitrox1491d ago

This + nextgen Burnouts title = epic

lzim1490d ago

Burnout is dead

RIP burnout.

halfgod851491d ago

Umm... Next Gen performance is here and has been, but its on PC. The next consoles will be close to what you might be able to get to out of a PC now for around a thousand. But won't beat anything beyond that. But you never know.

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