What the announcement of the 3DS XL really means?

By now most gamers have heard the news. Nintendo has announced the new 3DS is coming out relatively soon. The big question on everyone’s mind is why didn’t they announce this at E3 and what does this mean for the original 3DS?

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Y_51502093d ago

It means it could have a bundle with New Super Mario Bros. 2 included!

NewMonday2092d ago

it means its finally time for me to buy one

Batzi2093d ago

It means that it's going to be another form of the 3DS but with bigger screens.

Lucretia2092d ago

it means nintendo is doing its usual 5-6 revisions a hand held generation, so people who dont own one yet should wait till atleast the 5th revision

VsAssassin2092d ago

It means they love Capcom that the release a platform, similar to how rerelease games, with slightly better screen size and whatnot.

Seriously, they should stop this trend, lest they get that same 3DS backlash in which a lot of people thought it was another platform upgrade rather than a successor to the DS.

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The story is too old to be commented.