Are these the ten greatest racing games ever?

A compilation of some of the greatest racing games that ever graced our beloved screens.

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Yi-Long2100d ago

Personally, I would have fitted Rallisport Challenge 2, Micro Machines 2, PURE and SSX3 somewhere on that list...

Good to see GRID though.

guitarse2100d ago

I've never played RC2, I have a honoury mention to Micro Machines at the bottom, amazing game, shame its fallen out of common knowledge.

Pure was wank in mo many ways imo, I much preffered Motorstorm, but each to their own I guess.

SSX never even occured to me, but I was a big Cool Borders 3 (ps1) and 1080 (n64) fan.

PoSTedUP2100d ago

GTII, super mario kart64 , extreme G, ROAD RASH 3D, Top Gear Rally, motorstormPR, Brunout paradise, Need for speed hot persuit (as well as hot persuit2 on PS2), 1080*, Crusin' USA.

dead_eye2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

micro machines v3 for ps1 best ever racer. getting 2 multi-taps and having 8 racers. many a wasted hour on that.

jamesensor2100d ago

Gran Turismo II... wow, great times. I still love the car collection it has, with its average models, as seen on the streets, instead of exotic/over-the-top cars every game presents. GT I also had a nice collection, but smaller though.

guitarse2100d ago

Coudln't agree more, GT3 was fantastic too, then GT4 really had some great handing mechanics, but GT2 was by far the most engrosing, when I bought GT5, I was confused beyond all beleif, I didn't have the degree required to work out its menu system, put up with its loading times or the understanding to find the "fun" in the game.

So I switched to Forza and never looked back lol.

eTeknix2100d ago

I'll take it your not a fan of F1 then?

GT2 was one of the best racing games ever though.

Magnato862100d ago

Nice list. No jet Moto :( no Cruisin USA :( i loved those back in the day.

guitarse2100d ago

Ah I don't know Jet Moto im affraid, I was so close to putting Daytona USA (sega saturn) on the list, I'm also regretting leaving off Destruction Darby (saturn) and also Sega Rally, that game was epic!

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The story is too old to be commented.