3DS XL To Have 1:1 Pixel Mode

Looking for reasons to buy the newly announced 3DS XL apart from the bigger screen and better battery life? Well you would be glad to know that the bigger screens are not going to waste and will have 1:1 Pixel Mode.

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jamesensor1917d ago

Bigger screen ^^. That's something they should have done from the start.

-Superman-1916d ago

PSVita still has bigger screen and better controller.

Haha1231916d ago

But not the better games.

fr0sty1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Depends if you're into kiddie games and sequels of spinoffs.

gamemaster96411916d ago

The PS Vita has nothing to do with this article.

KeiserSosay47881916d ago

Why even respond, dude? Marked for trolling.

Hisiru1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Kiddie games? I wouldn't say it about games lik Revelations, Castlevania, Kingdom Hearts, Heroes of Ruin, Fire Emblem and some others. Also, just because Mario, Kid Icarus and some other games have a "cartoon look" it doesn't mean it's just for kids, youre acting like an ignorant.

So far, most of the PSV games are dumbed down ports from HD consoles (and that's why people complain about it). I am not saying it's a bad portable, I love my vita, but as far as games goes, 3DS has much more third and first party support (and it's not about "kiddie games", it's about "best games" that anyone can play if they aren't ignorant).

PSV has only a few really good games (and it's hard to deny) but I am having a lot of fun with it, there is no need for a console war.

3DS has 2 screens (so you will be able to have more info on screen on the 3DS, not on the vita), I think it would be stupid to make an even larger screen.

NewMonday1916d ago

the Vita screen is also OLED and much sharper and vivid

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-Mika-1917d ago

First off. Where is the evidence supporting this. Also does this mean 1:1 for 3ds games because that the only thing most people care about.

Kur01917d ago

It could mean the hardware is stronger to upscale the games to the bigger screen.

Waddy1011916d ago

No if you read the article all the writer is saying is that because the screen is bigger, the 1:1 pixel mode for DS games will produce a picture that is closer to what it would be on a DS or a DSi XL, somewhere in between those two sizes.

LiamIRL821916d ago

Does this mean ds games will appear bigger, on the 3ds they were tiny

anti-gamer1916d ago

steel no 2nd analog stick.

CyanideMatt1916d ago

Nintendo will announce in a month 3DSi XL-U color. Joking aside I welcome a larger screen. Now I only have to wait for the purple version :)

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The story is too old to be commented.