New Heroes of Ruin Trailer Gives You 37 Reasons Reason To Buy It

Still on the fence about whether or not to buy Heroes of Ruin next month on the 3DS? Well, Square Enix has not one, but 37 reasons why you should spend your money on the game.

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Shnazzyone1941d ago

Does look neat. Like a pocket mmo light. Graphics are somewhat meh... but looks about on par with WOW.

TrendyGamers1941d ago

Should end up being a decent game.

klecser1941d ago

It definitely is light. EU players are reporting that there is absolutely no end game. The game is designed to be played over and over again with different skill sets. A lot of players are raging because they wanted a grindfest with epic challenges instead.

rolandfurious1940d ago

The trailer is a bit silly, what with the dub-step and dated internet meme references, but it looks like a lot of fun regardless.

Frankly, I like that that it's not taking itself very seriously--too many games do that nowadays. Land sharks? Rad.