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DUST 514 is an enigma, in that the concept is so innovative and complex that the game shouldn’t even exist yet. But it does exist currently, in playable, though not yet public, form. Cheat Code Central’s “Team Josh” (myself and Contributing Writer Josh Engen) got some face time with the game while at E3 this year, and we compared notes afterward.

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VonBraunschweigg2187d ago

I've played a few rounds in the beta, it's a very rough, bare-bone game at the moment, still needs months of development before people even want to spend money to get an advantage. But it is like cagu above said, the available upgrades, the marketplace all look very deep, but it's already clear there will be an advantage for people willing to spend real life cash. Still an interesting game though, or project. If succesfull I can see it jump to PS4, continuously in development. Partially funded by weak players:)

Oschino19072187d ago

@Cagu - Are you in the Beta? If so do your eyes and brain work correctly or jump to negative conclusions at the first sight of something you don't understand.

First off Aurum items take up MORE CPU and PG, not less as you stated. So in return for getting a Weapon or whatever early in regards to your skill levels it may be you have to first pay money, then 2nd make sure everything else in balanced to make up for the additional CPU and PG units paid items take up. Even so I have been playing totally free and don't notice anyone with paid equipment owning me or taking over matches, its the people who actually have skill or use teamwork. Honestly the stats of one level of weapons (or whatever it is) to the next is not a huge leap, they are better but it doesn't gurantee a win by any means. Oh and as CCP said paid items tend to have different looks/colors but not exactly better stats by any means.

Second, Skill Boosters on give you %50 more SP per match not double as you stated. But honestly this is a MMOFPS with deep RPG like elements, its a game about grinding to get everything you want and some. You can grind in "meaningless" matches all day to upgrade (FOR FREE) to what you want for the real contracted matches for actually territory in the future, some don't have the time to grind or would rather do less grinding and more meaningfull matches you then buy Aurum to make it go faster.

I mean if everything was free and there was no perk in any form to paying into the system then the game itself failed and won't last due to a total lack of income, i mean really its obvious but seems to have gone over your head. I know if a guy has a "paid" weapon or equipment that he had to sacrifice something to do so, its not just gain gain gain, and with skill boosters they are for those who don't want to grind or want to pay in to get their character just right, honestly doesnt bother me the slightest. A few months after release there will be many many players who have grinded arway for FREE that will crush any noob with all basic euipment and this game is designed to go on for YEARS so get used to it or just shut it and go kick some rocks because you will not find many if any $60 games that come out of the box with every player having instant access to everything within the game, those who have skill or grind to get better stuff will always have an advantage.

In the END is comes down to Skill and Teamwork in most instances over Aurum items or Grinders. Its A FREE to play game, honestly no reason to even bitch or get up in arms about it as you have PAID ZERO to aquire or play it hence who cares what you think is unfair in your own little world. The game and its universe are bigger then you or your delusional small minded critisisms, Dust may be new but its developer and core players have been around since before this gen of consoles and have been paying subscriptions on top of paying into it themselves for Aurum. The game EVE is built around economics and controlling the money, resources and power through its economic system. Dust is/will be directly tied to EVE in most cases so I don't see almost a half million subscription paying EVE players changing it up just for YOU anytime soon.

Freddy_Millz12186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Spending money for the Aurum items right off the bat is kinda of weak and a bad decision. As upon further inspection of the AUR purchased items compared to ISK items, the AUR stuff REALLY sucks. You can be well and good with AUR stuff for your first few rounds but after a while, ppl that are holding on to their hard earned ISK and upgrading themselves the way they are supposed to will start beating your @$$.

It can seem like a pay to win at 1st glance but look at it like this...the AUR items are a step above starter items and can not be upgraded. You earn ISK by like $50k a round if u put in work and 100k skill point for winning a round.
If u cant cut it then no one is to blame but u for poor playing.

But as said above, IMO this game is nowhere near ready for a release. Damn near not playable at all to me. Im a sniper and as jerky and bad as the game looks now, its impossible! Its right up there with Quake Wars bad. I understand its a beta and i wont beat it up too badly but its got a looong way to go b4 its ready.


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