Battlefield 3 – Intense Gun Master Clips On All Close Quarters Maps

MP1st - Get a better look at Gun Master, the new mode introduced in Battlefield 3′s latest expansion pack, Close Quarters.

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venom062069d ago

dude.. awesome video... this game is SOO much better with the CQ DLC ... it make BF3 the all-around game now.. gun on gun fights and Vehicular warfare.. BEAUTIFUL!! so much more provided than CoD..

h311rais3r2068d ago

I thought CQ was going to suck but then I played it. I'm a believer.

XboxInnovation2068d ago

Battle of duty field modern noob fest 3

What sellouts dice is

Mister_V2068d ago

Well, technically, it would be Battle-Strike 3 since Gun Master is a CS mod.

ArchangelMike2068d ago

I'm absolutely loving CQ, I can't get enough of it.

AJKanismajoris2068d ago

I'm really enjoying CQC but i'm not to keen on Gun Master, it feels like they've tweaked the guns just for it,

E.g. i've played and hit people with three shots close range with the 44. Magnum... Me No Know?

sovietsoldier2068d ago

gun master is cool, the maps are great but i cant stand random spawns for conquest mode.