Nintendo's Five Best Handheld Redesigns

Yesterday Nintendo announced its first 3DS redesign, the 3DS XL, which looks okay, but Nintendo's done better. A lot better.

We count down Nintendo's five best handheld redesigns, from good, to better, to the best of the best...

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LiamIRL822068d ago

Ah the GBA SP.....brings a tear to the eye it does

Y_51502068d ago

The GameBoy Advance SP and the DS Litye are my personal favorites! I wished I got the DSi, it really tempted me to upgrade and I currently own a 3DS and it is great so far! I love Nintendo handhelds!

ShinMaster2067d ago

GB Pocket, GBA SP(AGS-101) and DS Lite so far are the best ones.
Or at least, my favorites.

house2067d ago

gba Sp has to be in top three handles i have ever had that thing was so revolutionizing at the time with the light and the folding screen i remember i had blast playing all my old game boy games not to mention the metriod zero missions ah yes good times i only wish Nintendo was still like this


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