PC Gaming Set to Dominate 2012 Due to Its Varied Offers, Analyst Says

Another analyst has revealed his forecasts concerning PC gaming in 2012. M2 Research’s Billy Pidgeon says that the PC will trump consoles in terms of popularity due to a variety of factors, including its more flexible nature, the more powerful hardware, varied online experiences, and even through its support of new technologies like cloud gaming.

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kevnb2162d ago

its been dominating, I don't see anything that will change it. Doesnt matter what media like Gametrailers tried to tell us, PC just completely dominates. But I do understand for media coverage, the money is in big blockbuster games aimed at 15 year olds.

StayStatic2162d ago

The variety in PC gaming is fantastic that's for sure and there has definatly been a rise in it's popularity with the likes of Steams and GoG , BF3 is awesome on PC too but origin has to go :O

Raka2162d ago

pc gaming will do sh!t for another year..only like 2-3 games to well and these games comes out every 5-10 years lol

consoles still has the best games period and i dont give a damn what pc nerds say about it go play some RTS or wtf lol

gameplay---->graphics anyday-anytime-anywhere its a well know fact

Raka2162d ago

what variety lol...all those games are on consoles too and always have better deals

games play better on consoles period.
only RTS-and fps plays better on pc's wich btw fps on consoles sales triple of what sales on pc's

games on consoles will always sale better

diablo and starcraft every 10 years wont do it alone

SeekDev2162d ago

The steam summer sale (seal, as some would call it) coming up on the 28th of June is better than any console game sale... Ohhhhh, you meant "sells"...

StayStatic2162d ago

LOL ! clueless troll is clueless

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