Nintendo 3DS XL: 3DS Games That'll Look Sweet On The Big Screen

Chris Buffa (Modojo): With the work day winding down, and a nice assortment of mobile reviews and news on the website, I decided to circle back to Nintendo's 3DS XL, more specifically the 3DS games I can't wait to play on the system.

When Nintendo began to demo the DSi XL, it used Mario Kart DS as "the game" to show off the handheld's bigger screen, and the difference between it and DS Lite was remarkable. Granted, 3DS XL doesn't feature a boost in screen resolution compared to the original 3DS, but I have a feeling that once I see its games displayed on that 4.88-inch top screen, I will have passed the point of no return, where the mere thought of going back to "the old way" will seem downright silly.

With this in mind, here's a list of 3DS titles that should look mighty good on Nintendo's newest creation.

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