GamesBeat’s Top 10 Gaming Prequels

You voted, and now we have a list of the 10 greatest prequels in gaming history. This epic list features titles from different genres, systems, and generations. They offered insight on the histories and backstories of their respective series.

GamesBeat defines a prequel as any game that takes place earlier in the series’ chronology than titles released before it in a series. God of War: Chains of Olympus takes place before the first God of War but hit stores almost three years later, so it counts as a prequel. But God of War 2 doesn’t count, because it’s a sequel to the original God of War and was released before God of War 3.

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JeffGrubb2188d ago

Metroid Priiiiiiiiiiiime!

Hatiko2188d ago

3 Zeldas? a PSP GOW game? but no DMC3 which is widely claimed to be the best action title ever (I think the first one was better but 3 was awesome as well)
But I understand this is GameBeat's top 10 prequels and not mine so I'll shut up now.

Slugg3r2188d ago

MGS3 <3. Still my favourite game of all time.

Agent_00_Revan2187d ago

Great list. Deus Ex, Metroid Prime & MGS3 are my favs