10 Things I Want From Sony With the PlayStation 4

PlayStation Euphoria lists ten things they want from the PlayStation 4 and Sony. Euphoria writes: "Noting that there is no current info on the “Real” PlayStation 4 at this time, this is all just rumor and speculation as to what I would like to see in the PlayStation 4."

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FrightfulActions2094d ago

There's two little features that would be very nice to have, though likely not on the 'top desired features' of anyones list. One, it would be nice to have a custom-music player feature to play your own playlists in the background of your games. This works especially well for driving games, its a shame not all of them have this feature anyway.

Another wonderful tiny little feature, little subtle thing... is a damn Printscreen ability. Computers can take in-game screenshots of any game or program with just the click of a button, so why is it that so very few console games have this feature? The few that do need it to be a built-in feature of the game itself. Playstation has a built in harddrive, would having a 'screenshot' key in the menu bar be so difficult? I'd love to be able to take random screenshots of my games as I play.

PoSTedUP2094d ago

i'm simple to please. awesome games with stellar graphics. anything else is a bonus.

black9112094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Number 1 on the list I agree with the Most!!!!!!!!!

ApolloAdams2094d ago

2015 release date would be laughable.

Ps4 Vita bundles would be expensive

Redesigned. PSN I would love because as of right now it just isn't cutting it.

I would like a dualshock4 because I would like new triggers.

The ps4 needs to be more than a gaming device it needs to be a media device.

black9112094d ago

The PS3 can already do everything on that list. The PS3 graphically still isn't maxed. Once Games like Beyond Two Souls become the standard for graphics this gen then we can start discussing the PS4. Also You all have to realize game development cost are Expensive. Next gen won't be a big jump in terms of graphics.

Teaber2094d ago

$499 price point? Lol. Im sure they learned from the way the PS3 started out.

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