10 Reasons Ubisoft is Leading the Publisher Pack

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"For all the high hopes many of us have had throughout the course of E3 2012 that some publishers would come ahead and surprise us, this year didn’t really didn’t satiate those expectations in any realistically cohesive way. Microsoft and Sony showed off a handful of big-hit titles, Nintendo tried to prove it hadn’t gone absolutely insane and EA did their very best to convince everyone they weren’t as evil as we’re all starting to believe. Seemingly, out of nowhere, Ubisoft stormed out from the crowd, sword drawn, shirt in tatters and screamed from the mountaintops that they mean business. Now, here’s the ten reasons why this could very well be the Year of Ubisoft."

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LaurenKB1232066d ago

Far and away the best showing at E3 2012...

x8002065d ago

last year it was EA and this year Ubisoft.

FarCryLover1822065d ago

They have good games, yes. Some of the best. But also they are dumbing down some of their older franchises to the point where I do not even want to touch them (looking at you Clancy brand).

claud32065d ago

One reason need. And that is

Ubisoft knowns how to play the game and make others follow their lead

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