The End For Sega France

We have learned from our GameFocus office in France that the bad news is confirmed.

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sonic9892214d ago

i think sony should buy them
cause sonic needs sony , he needs to be the main mascot or a big mascot nintendo would treat him as a second class to mario .
where sony would make him blast as fast as he can on sony products

Raka2214d ago

sony should not nintendo...let nintendo have hello kitty mario

omarzy2214d ago

yes because sonic is soo much more mature than mario. a hedgehog who collects rings, and has a flying fox as a friend. at least cream, rogue, and blaze make mario seem more childish right?

wirapuru2214d ago

you nuts, nintendo buying Sega?! body's not ready for that

DOOMZ2214d ago

Microsoft should grab them up! Would be awesome...

stuntman_mike2214d ago

there goes my dreams of sega making a console comeback..:(

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