The 10: Why Nintendo Is Still Important

Russ Pirozek writes:

"Nintendo has fallen by the wayside over the years, with the other two main console developers, Microsoft and Sony, gaining ground with the main core of gamers because of making games with more appeal to gamers of the main age demographic. That doesn’t mean Nintendo still isn’t important. They may get fully pushed out of the console game if the trend continues, Nintendo should never be counted out, for various reasons, such as the ten listed below."

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Spydiggity2036d ago

I think they WERE important, but they seem to be drifting further and further. but, to be fair, they did this before (lets not forget the virtual boy era) and they bounced back.

i would never count nintendo out, but i do question their "importance."

omarzy2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

They "were important"? what makes sony, and microsoft more important to gaming than Nintendo? They are all important because they make video games. The only reason this article exists is because of all the negative ones. How can they not be important with 151 million ds sales, and 95 million wii sales? Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are all important to gaming, as are every developer that makes gamers for these consoles. Why do we never see articles about why sont is still important(they are, but people like to nit pick) the psp was outsold by the ds by over 100%(same amount of revisions between the two), the ps3 has thr least sales, and is a financial failure even if it is a great console, the psp go was a failure and discontinued, and every time the vita gets sales, it is big news(not a good thing) . Point is, Nintendo is in no position to have its importance doubted.

WeskerChildReborned2036d ago

I think it's time to stop criticizing Nintendo and start taking them seriously cause Wii U does look like a big step compared to the Wii and you shouldn't hate a system cause of the name.

iluvps3952036d ago

Nintendo has some of the best franchises of all time. Article automatically dismissed.

DivineHand1252036d ago

who would even doubt Nintendo's importance?

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2036d ago

We need Nintendo Ms & Sony is too much alike is like every game that's come out for xbox360 comes out for ps3

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