Review: Resonance [Press2Reset]

In a point and click game where virtually everything is a conversation piece, Resonance has a wealth of information for those willing to look into it. Check out Marc Lynch's review for the rest of the run down...

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Sharodan2036d ago

I really enjoyed this game. For me it was a set of new features in a point-and-click and the story was fantastic.

Didn't hurt to hear Logan Cunningham's voice again either.

Elderly_Cynic2036d ago

I have to say, I'm really glad that point and click games are making such a stellar comeback.

MrDead2036d ago

I'm looking forward to playing this, point click adventures have been my favourite genre since Monkey Island in 1990. I miss games like Beneath A Steel Sky, Sam & Max, Broken Sword, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (which you can download on Steam).

Are you taking notes Lucasarts or Telltail point click adventures are still very relevant and as brilliant as they were back in the day... Now give me a new Monkey Island!