Adult Swim and Valve Team Up

In an unexpected cross-promotion, late-night cable network Adult Swim are teaming up with Valve for a mysterious promotion

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zeal0us1943d ago

Maybe a TF show. Maybe something long as Robot Chicken(time wise not season wise).

Moncole1943d ago

TF2 cartoon about all the characters living in a house together and the only show they watch is the hat channel.

AnotherProGamer1943d ago

I can see something like that happening lol

user54670071942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: TAVGMBV

The Awesome Video Game Made By Valve

"Did you see that Pyro Guy running around...that guy was weird"

Fairchild Channel F1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

We need a sweet GTA style ATHF game where Master Shake just runs amok causing destruction. "I WILL RUIN THIS CITY WITH MY ANGER"!

Made by Valve of course.

Or a sweet Moon Master game ;)

SeekDev1942d ago

The possibilities are quite possibly endless. Magic could most definitely come about from this. Real magic, no fake stuff.

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