Sony Direly Needs to Impress With the Vita

After Nintendo Direct’s wonderfully impressive showing last night, Sony better be preparing themselves for their upcoming Vita Gamer Heaven. Either that, or they’ll be preparing for a long, arduous journey for the future of the Vita.

When Sony first presented their Playstation Vita Game Heaven, reactions were mixed. The event itself was tasteful enough, showcasing various new projects and collaborations with renowned members of the industry; in the short presentation, Dokuro, Phantasy Star Online 2, Super Robot Wars, Soul Sacrifice and more were all on display, with many other smaller announcements detailed. However, many gamers felt like the new system was already in need of those games, not just teasers of teasers,and that it didn’t help the current situation of the Vita at all.

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hennessey862098d ago

Call of Duty will get the sales rolling, then maybe more first party titles will follow...

SockeyBoy2098d ago

Vita needs help from a COD...mega lol right now!

SockeyBoy2098d ago

@ JoGam thats my f***ing point!

Trenta272098d ago

COD can't help a old person across the street. What the Vita needs is some God of War, InFamous, or some entirely new AAA IP's.

Muffins12232098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Yea im gonna wait for the 2nd generation of the psp vita's.One,cause of lbp 2,call of duty,and other games coming out for it that are like frickn 7 months away!.Two, there's some improvements they could make to the look of the model and a few other stuff for the 2nd generation.And finally,a price cut

NastyLeftHook02098d ago

so a oled screen, dual analog sticks, call of duty, uncharted, gravity rush, metal gear solid hd collection, assassins creed and many many more are not impressive?

Its not impressive that it can do the same stuff as the wii u? and its not impressive that it has cross over chat? its not impressive that its touchscreen with great apps like netflix?

I know for a fact the vita is the most advanced handheld system out there and it has a fantastic amount of titles coming for it. I mean what do you want? a time machine on the thing or what? Will that finally impress you?

BrutallyBlunt2098d ago

Nobody can deny Vita isn't impressive. It's simply the best dedicated handheld device currently availble. However there is 'some' reason for concern. It's not as alarming as some articles make it appear but there are valid concerns.

1. I, like many, were somewhat surprised by the lack of focus and attention at E3.

2. Sales have not really shown great demand thus far. It has lagged DS, 3DS and PSP sales in comparison to the same timeline after launch. NPD for last month shows 50,000 units, that's not a lot. Software sales are not any better.

3. There really isn't a lot of games since launch.

Only 9 games have been released since the end of February, that's an average of 3 per month!

Now quickly add your disagrees even though what i say is true.

iceman062098d ago

I agree...but there is a caveat to what is being said. The Vita has only really been available worldwide for less than 6 months. It had a HUGE launch lineup (comparatively speaking). So, 3 games per month isn't bad at all. Plus, Sony has never been in the handheld game to dominate from day one. I know they would LOVE to. But, all in all, it is once again a race to grab some more shares of that handheld market from Nintendo and broaden their appeal in that arena. That, to me, is a realistic goal for Sony.

BrutallyBlunt2098d ago

Problem is they aren't grabbing shares from Nintendo if Vita isn't selling as well as the PSP did in the same timeframe while the 3DS sells better than that DS did in also the same timeframe. Part of their goals was also to help catapult PS3 sales but has it?

I'm not trying to come off as negative, just realistic. Vita is an incredible device and as i say, there is no cause for alarm just yet but there are valid concerns. It's not just how well Nintendo is doing either, the market has changed with the influx of tablets and handheld devices that also play games.

Sony needs to create some momemtum by Christmas. Whether it's by having very good bundles, a price cut or a really good line-up of titles or a combination. E3 many thought would be a start to that momentum but strangely it wasn't.

one2thr2098d ago

But didn't the Vita launch with about 20+ games?.... Pfft I got 10 now, and im still working on platinuming a few of them

KUV19772098d ago

I think they could do just fine with a right mix of marketing and with better prices for games. I think the price for Uncharted with 50 bucks was about fair, if steep, but 35 bucks for Hot Shots Golf or Little Deviants was terrible. Now that they lowered the prices for both games to about 10 bucks I think they are both great value for the money. Sure the VITA needs more software, but what is there right now isn't too shabby. Motorstorm RC for 5 bucks (or in US for free) is also great. I hope around the time that Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed will be released sales are beginning to pick up. I'd hate to see the system go to waste.
Also I hope that Warrior's Lair won't be dead, because I really liked what they showed so far. Plus: Please bring a 64GB memory card. My 32GB card is doing ok at the moment but 64 would be the sweet spot for me.

GribbleGrunger2098d ago

if you're not impressed with the Vita there's something wrong with you. how can you not be impressed with the most powerful handheld ever built?

Stephen55432098d ago

I'm definitely impressed with the hardware, but the list of games, ones that I'd be interested in anyways, that are available also on PS3 outweighs the new titles. I'm not gonna spend $250 for impressive hardware that plays the same games that I can already get on my PS3. (Again, this is all reflective of games that I am interested in)

Blazblue, Disgaea, Final Fantasy X HD, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Mortal Kombat, Ninja Gaiden, Playstation All Stars, Rayman Origins, Sly Cooper, Street Fighter X Tekken, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Dragon's Crown

All games that I have or can have on my PS3. The only games that interest me that I can't get on my PS3 are Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, and Assassin's Creed III Liberation.

Vita is an excellent piece of hardware, but I'm not the kind of gamer that want's to dish out an extra $250 so that I can rebuy games I already own just so I can play it on the go. I, personally, need more unique games on the system. Don't get me wrong, I love the option to get a game that I own or can own on my PS3 on the Vita, but it just isn't enough. I really think that's the reason that, at the moment Vita isn't getting the sales that it should be getting.

Vita will eventually have enough unique titles to make me buy it, but 3 is definitely not enough in my book. Not by a long shot.

bicfitness2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

YS, Soul Sacrifice, Little King Story (not a port, a whole new game taking place after the 1st), Ragnarok Odyssey, Silent Hill - just off the top of my head.

I don't comment on here anymore, but your startling lack of education on the Vita software needed to be addressed. Do note that every one of those titles will be available in the US save for YS (which will certainly be brought by XSEED, but hasn't been announced yet).

And the Vita Heaven broadcast hasn't even started yet. And none of the aforementioned are ports or cross-play either.

BrutallyBlunt2098d ago


Those games you mentioned, are they all currently available?

Stephen55432095d ago

(Delayed response because I wasn't able to directly reply to myself)

"your startling lack of education on the Vita software needed to be addressed"

I think your startling lack of ability to read needs to be addressed. I said multiply times in my comment that the games that I list only reflect my gaming interest. You assume that I didn't know about the games that you mentioned, when I did indeed know about them. I have no want or desire to play the games you listed (hence the reason why they weren't in my initial comment)

givemeshelter2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Hardware power NEVER sells a console...Especially a dedicated handheld. Just look at history past on this to confirm what I am saying.

The issue lies with price of the Vita and price of the memory cards and price of the games.
Those are main issues.
The other smaller issue is the type of games that are coming on the system.

It's still far too early to tell, but if Sony is going to focus on the same type of games that were on the PSP and do the same model on the Vita, Sony is going to have issues in the future.

Too many games on the PSP were simply PS2 ports or full fledged type console games. (Which I loved personally, however the average consumer does not in most cases as seen)
The Vita needs catchy games built for the Vita and not PS3 ports or games of those nature in droves dominating the system.
Have those games, but also have games that are not in that genre overbearing it.

This is what plagued the PSP and one of the major criticism for it.

The market has changed DRASTICALLY since the PSP with the influx of Smartphone and Tablet the point that dedicated hand held systems are losing large amounts of market-share each fiscal quarter in the age demographics of 17+ (The spending demographics for the Vita based on its price)

Hardware wise the Vita impresses. The value for it is stunning. However times have changed and AVERAGE consumers are taking that $250 and buying Cell Phones and Tablets.
And it's not going to help matters in the age demographics of 17-35 when they start releasing $199 Quad Core Tablets in the next few months

raymantalk12098d ago

its a sony product no matter how good it is there is always going to be these kind of topics if it was nintendo or ms we would not see these sort of topics it sucks to be top dog sometimes better off being in second or third place at least you dont get so much attention from the critics/journalists game wise.

BuffMordecai2098d ago

I don't get the hate for Sony, sure they were arrogant at the start of this gen, but they have learned from their mistakes and are true supporters of core gaming; the same cannot be said for their competitors.

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