Here's The Entire Nintendo Direct Video From Yesterday

If you missed any of the Nintendo Direct video from last night, Nintendo has posted the entire thing, which you can view below.

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DigitalRaptor2220d ago

The lack of a second analogue control has me baffled. What is with you Nintendo?

Tired2220d ago

I'm more baffled the shed load of make-up caked on Reggie's face.

EcoSos32220d ago

People have been asking for the 3dsXL since the 3ds came out and now they are giving it to them they are crying because it doesnt have a second circle pad. Only like 10 out of like 100 games uses the two circle pads' so it would have been a waste to even add it.

Godmars2902220d ago

People were expecting the 3DSXL as soon as the 3DS was announced just like they were expecting it to have a second analog because Nintendo's gone to the trouble to make the extension in the first place. Now they have to make a new one for this just announced system, or drop it meaning there was no point in making the add-on, much less the few games for it, in the first place. Or any future games.

It just shows asinine thinking.