Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad Speeds to PSN Tuesday at 1080p, 60 fps - PSBlog

Posted by Robb Rinard // Creative Director, 2XL Games -

Hey PlayStation.Blog! We’re pretty stoked to be able to say that our digital racing title, Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad, is nearing the finish line and will be launching on PlayStation Network next Tuesday, June 26. We’ve been hard at work on this fantastic and surprisingly deep arcade-style racer for quite some time now. Now buckle up and I’ll explain why you should you be interested in Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad.

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GribbleGrunger2188d ago

1080p at 60fps? Interecting

tachy0n2188d ago

with low resolution textures.....

like it or not thats the truth.

ginsunuva2188d ago

Wipeoit HD does 1080, 60fps. No low res texture there

reynod2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )


Lets mention the 20 other low res games that run in 1080p 60fps on console vs the 500 or so released games that run in 720p or below.

Games running in 1080p on console are a mere handful. The ones that do run in 1080p dont look good, No harm admitting that.

decrypt2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

1080p at 60fps, isnt something great. Its the minimum settings i play at for about every game :P Have been doing so since the last 7 years atleast.

Kennytaur2188d ago

Wipeout HD runs in a dynamic resolution, it drops pixels on the fly if it can't keep up.

raymantalk12188d ago

"Wipeout HD runs in a dynamic resolution, it drops pixels on the fly if it can't keep up."

what utter rubbish only time the resolution changes is when it goes to the menu if the resolution was to change while the game was playing your tv screen would go blank while it changes the resolution.

also did you make the game ? if not then you know nothing about how it was programmed THINK BEFORE YOU POST

Hicken2188d ago

lol @ how this brings out the PC fanboys. "I've been playing in 1080P @60fps for years." Good for you. What does that have to do with this?

BrutallyBlunt2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

So i take it the PC fanboys brought out you, the biggest Sony fanboy here. Interesting how you don't even comment on the game or the article, instead you continue to put all your efforts into making sure Sony's platforms are very well represented and are not under any form of attack. So tell us again how much Sony is paying you?

As for this game (yes i am actually able to talk about it since that's why i'm here, not some console warrior who is emotionally tied to his system of choice far more than any family member/girlfriend or close friends) it really doesn't look too promising. Of course the headlines got me interested but once again a smaller scale game is about all that's to be expected. Even Wipeout, which is an awesome game by the way and everyone who has a Playstation 3 should try it, it too is a smaller scale game.

That's what this has to do with the PC, the fact that they feel the need to market the game for it being able to output 1080p @60fps whereas on the PC gamers can actually go beyond that and on much bigger scale games, including AAA games. Yet unlike you i'm not threatened by that in the slightest, weird how that works.

Hicken2186d ago

Can you please just go away?

People always complain about there being no games on console that are 1080p and run at 60fps. Then there IS one, and it sucks off the bat. I don't know if it'll suck. I don't care. PC gamers- according to them- think console games suck and aren't hardcore anyway, so why should this matter to them?

And then here you come, only replying because I said something- as usual- and contributing absolutely nothing to ANYTHING.

BrutallyBlunt2186d ago

I guess if i asked you to go away you'd be roaming the streets all day kicking rocks since this is your life, posting on N4G all day, every day.

1. If people say there are no games that are 1080p and run at 60fps then list them all and leave it be. Instead you get defensive (because you being a Sony fanboy that's you're immediate reaction) and make a generalized statement about PC fanboys. Reply to who it is you're speaking to. You seem to have this inability to actually address anyone or stick to any single discussion.

2. I will continue to pick you out at my own leisure if i continue to spot you acting like an immature child who's so obessessed with his system that he has to lash out at anyone who has anything negative to say about his precious system.

As for your little rant about PC gamers, how manh times have you had your little hissy fits on the forums going on and on about the Playstation 3 versus the XBOX360? So don't start now acting like there are any set of rules with you. The PC also competes with the Playstation 3 so this little war you fanboys love to absorb all your time into between the two consoles goes beyond that. If Sony is going to promote the Playstation 3 as some computer then it is only fair to compare the same games on that platform too. Of course that's not what you Sony fanboys want because looking inferior in any shape or form is just too much for you guys to handle as we can see.

BuffMordecai2188d ago

I would buy this if it had splitscreen, but I already tried the demo and that feature was missing.

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