Fez patch is broken, says Polytron

Developer Polytron has released a patch that was meant to fix various issues with its XBLA game Fez. However, installing the patch has left many gamers with an even more serious issue.

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Elderly_Cynic2217d ago

Wow! Glad I 100%ed the game before they "fixed" it!

Gridloc2216d ago

More and more games in this generation have a day one patch or you just can't play them. How are Microsoft and Sony letting these games come out broken? If you manufacture 1 million copies of a game then the online servers should be required to host 1 million players. If your game doesn't work on day one then there should be fines and or penalties. The ESRB is there to inform parents of the content and give it a rating. We need something like this against greedy publishers trying to recoup their investment by releasing broken games.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2216d ago

I don't ever remember this stuff hapening last gen, so much for the future...