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nrvalleytime1860d ago

Man, this is going to be so good. While I didn't particulary think Bioware needed to make this, the company's showing class in giving it to us. Can't wait to play.

zeal0us1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Its just a few extra cutscenes and nothing more. Its not true DLC for SP like Lair of the Shadow Broker and etc.

blitz06231860d ago

Bioware already said that months ago. They never said it was going to be playable with quests, etc - just some closure on what happened to the other characters.

And for a few extra cutscenes to be 1.9GB big, I'm expecting a lot out of this extended ending.

JaredH1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

All I hoped for was for the plot holes to be explained and for there to actually be closure. It looks like that's what this extended ending is so I'm still hopeful that it will make the ending more conclusive.

user54670071859d ago


"just some closure on what happened to the other characters."

So basicaly they are still keeping the plot hole filled ending and are going to try and explain the un explainable plotholes....theres so many that this is just going to come off as silly

You can't polish a turd Bioware

They better of went with the indocuration theory but then again if the DLC is just cutscenes I guess we'll have to watch Shepard finish the fight instead of actually playing it

Either way I feel like they've still messed up here.

blitz06231859d ago

Yup, they're keeping the ending. They're just gonna add to it and not gonna change anything

jrbeerman111859d ago

now if they could fix the difficulties, or let you import story with a level 1 character instead of 30 ill be happy.

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Blacktric1859d ago

"...the company's showing class in giving it to us."

This. I have big hopes for this extra content. And considering that it weighs at 1.9 GBs, I am sure most of us will get what we want to a good degree.

stephmhishot1860d ago

Already sold my copy on Ebay, looks like I'll have to settle for some Youtube viewing.

Sargerus1860d ago

I see a great shitstorm for the next week

Lord_Sloth1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Won't let me attach images normally for some reason...N4G's been a freaking spaz...


lex-10201859d ago

Truer words were never spoken

1859d ago
lex-10201853d ago


touché good sir. touché

MrDead1860d ago

Fingers crossed that they have ended the series with the respect it deserves.

I wanted to punch that old man and kid at the end of ME3 for the “and they all lived happily ever after” ending

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sjaakiejj1860d ago

This Tuesday? That's great :) I've been looking forward to this, and I'm quite surprised that it's coming so soon.