Metal Gear Solid 5 takes Big Boss for Africa?

According to PSM3 magazine revealed, Metal Gear Solid 5 will take place in Africa sometime in the 70s and has starring Big Boss and the possibility to live the moments of creation of Solid Snake.

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Batzi2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

That is a possibility indeed. But let's just wait and see cause we all know that Kojima will always manage to be 10 steps ahead of us.

PS: Anyone noticed the chat thing on that site? :P

-Superman-2213d ago

I think Africa is very good place. I really like this hot and dry settings.
I hope it will be more like MGS3

blitz06232213d ago

I thought Kojima said he wasn't done with SOLID Snake?

morganfell2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

This would easily include Solid Snake.

The story lines up with Metal Gear, the original game. Big Boss is the Commander of Foxhound and one of his operatives is Solid Snake and he sends Solid to South Africa where the fortress called Outer Heaven is located. Gray Fox is missing and there are rumors of a Metal Gear weapon.

Gray Fox is Frank Jaeger, friend of Solid Snake and stepbrother of Naomi Hunter. Jaeger adopted her after being overwhelmed with guilt from killing her parents. Side note is they have the same last name since Jaeger is Deutsch for Hunter.

one2thr2213d ago

He's also known as "Null" the soldier with no name, or number...

HebrewHammer2213d ago

Is it just me, or are they missing a huge opportunity by not making a game set during WWII surrounding the Cobra Unit.

Batzi2213d ago

it was Kojima's main idea for MGS5. We still don't know the settings so it might be an option. Maybe the first act of the game? I am still sure that we are going to live different time periods in MGS5.

StarFox2214d ago

why do we have to play as big boss for? i'm sick of playing as snake already (for those who never played a Metal Gear game Naked Snake = Big Boss). what happened to that idea that kojima had for MGS5, where you were going to play as "The Boss" along with conbra unit in WWII during the invasion of normandy. that is way better idea to me, stop milking snake already expand the universe more.

for those who have no idea what im talking about:

Hellsvacancy2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Good job you got that lame Metal Gear Rising game on the way with Gaiden, i mean Raiden

MGS5 sounds cool, hopefully itll be a PS3 only game, i want more gameplay, MGS4 was awesome but there was too many cutscenes imo, i wanted to play the game more

Its a long way away anyway, i dont wanna think about it now, Sony games always take forever to release, im still waiting for Final Fantasy Versus and The Last Guardian

Darth_Bane792213d ago

Final Fantasy Versus is not been developed BY SONY, but by Suare Enix.

strauser3602213d ago

First of all stop bashing metal gear rising, it's shaping up to be a great action game. I know your tastes are too sophisticated for some sort of pleb action game but other fans of MGS are going to give it a shot without being a biased snoot. Also did you really say "Gaiden"? Are you serious?

SpecialK2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

I think nearly every fan is wondering why the hell we havent gotten to play as "The Boss" yet. Its a massive piece of the story that could really be expanded and instead were playing as the same old character time and time again...

One of MGS4's strengths was the bits where you had to sneak during battles already taking place, imagine having to do that except during famous world war 2 battles it would be something new and incredible.

I'll like the return to less tech to help you out, hopefully this marks a return to gameplay more like MGS3, and hopefully storytelling more like that with decent cutscenes and a good balance between cutscene and gameplay

But yeah, I want to play as THE BOSS, listen to the fans Hideo goddammit!!!!!!!

Edit: @Hellsvacancy

Couldn't care less if its exclusive or not, if a potential for more sales meant a larger budget for the game, I'd have to go with that.

solidworm2213d ago

Same character? I dont think Big Boss, Solid Snake and Raiden are the same character numbnuts.

SpecialK2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

Solid Snake is a clone of Big Boss, so weve had the third game with Big boss, MGS4 with his clone, the peace walker with Bigg boss again (same guy as Naked snake)and then back on the ps1 it was Solid snake.

In the proper MG games the only reall different character weve had is Raiden, which was great being able to play as someone else in some ways it made it the best game of the series.

And all this time The Boss has been sat there with an amazing story to be told, and now that solid snake has pretty much croaked we have to play as Big Boss again!

Just seems like a weird choice to keep focusing on the same people time and time again when once of the most interesting characters whos story is set in one of the biggest wars ever remains untouched...

Its a giant gaping hole in the story which could open up new gameplay experiences it seems like a real missed opportunity

young juice2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )


ok, firstly, saying solid snake and naked snake are the same person is like calling two twins separated at birth the same person. hey! while were at it, why dont we just call liquid snake the same person too? you see how stupid that logic is?

secondly, no one is forcing you to play as anyone. while i agree it could be a great experience to play as big boss, i would rather play as meryl whos story im more involved in then big boss. but whatever happened to the rumors of a new female lead? that sounds interesting

SpecialK2213d ago

Meryl would be a good character to play as too.

Its more just that we've played as Solid snake a few times now, and Big Boss, we know their stories pretty well it'd be nice to get something a little different.

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Moby-Royale2213d ago

Do you know what I'm sick of? People over-using the word "milking". It is absolutely absurd how often it's used.

How is "Snake" being "milked"?

Solid Snake and Big Boss are NOT the same person. Superboy is a clone of Superman. They are NOT the same person.

Your opinion is null and void. Sorry.

Kamikaze1352214d ago

I'm sure Kojima could come up with a good MGS game even if it took place entirely on a small backyard. Location doesn't matter; all I care about it a soon(ish) release date.

GCO Gamer2213d ago

The picture for the article is racist...

LoaMcLoa2213d ago

How...? It's the Fox Engine, which MGS5 will use

Timowitz2213d ago

i'm thinking bout Zanzibar.. maybe.. as they said the beginning of "big boss" :)

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