Will Consoles One Day Die?

(Gaming) PCs are getting cheaper with better hardware and next-gen consoles are yet to be released for a high price of about $400, after this generation, will we see a dead end to console gaming altogether?

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NYC_Gamer2164d ago

PC and consoles will continue to co exist

Abash2164d ago

I see console and handhelds becoming the same thing after the PS4 generation. I can see it being something you take on the go acting as a portable, yet you can hook it up to the TV and use controllers with when you want it to act as a console.

darthv722164d ago

Technology is getting not only better but smaller as well. We have seen the potential for a portable device to be hooked to a tv. It has been done with the original PSP but it was more realized with the GO. Primarily because of the GO ability to sync with a controller directly.

I will admit, I do play the GO connected to a TV. Albeit it is overkill seeing the output on a 47" lcd but the idea is solid. Sony obviously felt there wasnt a need to add that to the vita. Most likely because of the direct input of the touch screens but if they had to go back to the design table i can think of a few things they could change.

A vita with tv out and move support would be excelent to have. the camera built in acts like the ps eye and you could sync a ds3 or the move controller to it for specific games. Then when you want to be on the go you just take it with you.

We are seeing tablets and phones with tv out so the idea of a multipurpose device do the work of a console and portable isnt that far off.

decrypt2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

What is a console? :P

Last consoles i remember were the PS2, Xbox 1 and Gamecube.

Oh wait you can include the Wii into that list.

Consoles have been dead for a longtime its just that people dont realise it.

PS3 and Xbox 360 are locked down low end PCs. The next iteration will be even more PC like(hardware wise, X86 CPU + AMD GPU). Except instead of being open platform they will be locked down and only run what the cheerleaders(Ms + Sony)(can call them middle men too) like it to run. Plus obviously there will be royalty on every game bought.

Now before people throw a trama on this topic. Look what what consoles have become, they share the same things console gamers froned upon for the PC last gen. Last gen console gamers would say:

Oh we dont game on PCs because they have game installs,

Oh we hate the Patches,

We hate the driver updates (its called firmware updates now, dashboard updates).

So yes folks consoles have been dead for a long time. Next gen will just be all about PCs or locked down PCs branded Playstation or Xbox.

tee_bag2422163d ago

@ decrypt
Great point
The next console will be very PC like. Its all going to come down to which AMD mobile GPU it has.

Kran2164d ago

side by side

hand in hand


WildArmed2164d ago

lol When you are pondering the inevitability of the "death" of consoles, lets start with the death of the human race.

Because if "One day" humans will become extinct, what does it imply about consoles?

cstyle2164d ago

Keep dreaming buddy. Games will continue but their will be no need for the hardware in the near future.

Jayjayff2164d ago

@Decrypt Consoles are machine made with playing video games in mind as their main objective, they might resemble Pcs(Nothing wrong with that.) however that doesn't stop them from being Machines for video games.

avengers19782163d ago

consoles wont die, and only very recently has the upswing in PC gaming started.... remember a few years ago when people like steam were trying to save PC gaming. But it didn't die either.
Consoles will be around for a long long time.
BattleField 3 plays on the PS3 and 360, and it takes a pretty powerful PC to make that game look better than it does on those two consoles... $300 console pretty much the same as $1000 + pcs.

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matgrowcott2164d ago

Perhaps not after this generation, but it's inevitable really. For the first time ever, we're seeing graphics on handhelds rival that of home consoles. In ten years time there's no reason to believe that the same couldn't be said of all but the very latest PCs.

All that needs to happen is for somebody to develop a handheld that can be used as a console (via HDMI) without any real graphical problems, with a controller and with some real support from third parties and dedicated consoles (or handhelds) are a thing of the past.

ardivt2164d ago

"For the first time ever, we're seeing graphics on handhelds rival that of home consoles."

a few weeks ago there was an article which said that handhelds will be able to compete with the 360 in 2013. the 360 came out in 2005.
do you realize how far behind handhelds are from current pc tech?
I don't really see handheld gaming taking over.

matgrowcott2164d ago

As I say, not next generation. That gives the handheld developers, whoever is working on that tech, well over 10 years to continue their work.

10 years ago we had the Gameboy Advance. Now we have the Vita. We can only presume a much bigger leap in the next 10 years. Saying that they're miles behind PC now is stating the obvious. Guessing what's coming in a decade is much, much harder.

ardivt2164d ago

"Guessing what's coming in a decade is much, much harder."

I guess we can both agree on this :D

Bigpappy2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

As long as they make consoles, people will buy them. The hand held market does not temp the console gamer, neither doest the PC market. Just about everyone who owns a console, owns a PC and still decided to own a console. Hand-helds are relevant, but 90% of DS sales and games on Cellphones, go to kids and casuals.

PS. I don't know anyone who plays games because of graphics. Case in point: Crysys2 and The Wisher are considered the best games on 360 (Graphically speaking). Have a look at the sales numbers of each. I am not saying they are not just to great games that just did not do well on the system, my point is only that known they would look great did not compel many gamers to run out and pick them up. So even if the game were to look better on hand-helds, it does not imply that gamers will choose to play it over the console version.

matgrowcott2164d ago

But you're thinking of handheld vs console. Graphics are irrelevant, I just used it as an example of how quickly the handheld market is evolving. In 15 years time, even 10 years time, none of that is going to be an issue. If a handheld can do everything a console can, including plug into a TV, what's the point in having a dedicated console?

As an example: if the PlayStation Vita could play PS3 games and it could play via HDMI and with a Dualshock controller, PLUS games made for touch screen and portability, how many people would pick a PS3 over a Vita? How many people would trade in their console towards a handheld?

Go forward 10 years worth of development and that COULD be a very real situation.

Linsolv2164d ago


That's the problem, though. The PSP is about the power of the PS2, it came out around the time the PS3 came out. Now we've got the Vita out, about the power of the PS3. But then we're going to have the PS4 in either 2013 or 2014, and that's going to be a jump that the Vita couldn't make if its life depended on it. Then the PSP 3 (or whatever) comes out in 2020, "Consoles are dying handhelds can do the same stuff" and then new consoles come out. It's a cycle.

hennessey862164d ago

I love consoles, I will venture into PC gaming soon as the racing sims are better but I will always need my consoles for HUGE screen............COUCH gaming

Pjuice2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

You sound like a console gamer because your uninformed about gaming, pc has by far the most realistic racing sims iracing live for speed and gtr just to name 3 that blow away consoles best gran turismo5 and forza. play iracing for 3 months then see if you still think gt5 is a sim it has some sim features but arcadish ones also that can't turned off it's just built in the physics code the only reason to even play gt5 is there's allot of exotic cars, but you said sim so you should care more about tracks physics and actual racing not the crap racing experience gt5 gives you

3GenGames2164d ago

In b4 Inevitable.

...wait, nope, too late. lol.

EffectO2164d ago

Traditional consoles,yeah.They will just have to adapt,all in one multimedia box.

Anon19742164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

I can see this. Not the death of consoles, but just the evolution of consoles. I think we'll see a future where our gaming machines are more like cable boxes, linking us up to gaming networks or channels that we subscribe to. Stream games in and you don't have to worry about piracy or costly hardware cycles. People say "Ermahgerd, we have to own our games," but we don't have to own our movies, our tv shows, etc. I really do think the industry will move in this direction, giving them more reliable and consistent streams of revenue from subscriptions. We'll already seeing Microsoft take a step in that direction with the $99 Xbox/Subscription bundle and it makes sense when you consider how they've come to rely on XBL subscriptions.

I think it's only a matter of time. The next hardware cycle could be the last traditional console cycle we see.

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