Video Interview With Journalist/Cosplayer Raychul Moore

Raychul Moore talks with Sam Neal of Press2Reset about the details and financial impact of being a hardcore cosplayer, horror movies and horror games, and more.

She also opens up about the Maxim Gamer Girl contest, and talks about how the final three contestants were not determined by the fans.

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Snealiv2218d ago

The interview was a lot of fun, and learning about the outcome of the Maxim Gamer Girl contest was surprising.

Elderly_Cynic2218d ago

Good interview... who would have thought Maxim was a bit sketchy. What? Everyone..?

TheSuperior 2216d ago

Cute girl but I have to call bull on the maxim part. It stated clearly in the rules that votes did not decide the winner of the contest. I also highly doubt she was contacted and specifically asked to join the maxim contest if she wasn't the one chosen as one of the top three. Every other girl had to register themself why would she be any different?

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The story is too old to be commented.