Why Open Beta Is The Most Magical Time of the Year

Pixels or Death's Adam Harshberger writes:

"Here’s the problem: in an MMORPG, it’s really fucking hard to not know something. It’s really hard to resist the temptation of a wiki, or the allure of simply asking a veteran player for help, especially because of how much MMORPGs rely on the idea of progress to become enjoyable. To not ask for help, to not take the easiest path, is to impede progress – and that impedes your fun. I know that’s a fucked up way of thinking, but it’s true: look at the people who race to the level cap in days upon the release of a new game. We’re all hardwired to think that way, because of a multitude of things – demons I won’t dare attempt to face here.

What that leads to is very little exploration. The Vast Unknown is an illusion, shattered by endlessly accessible information. Exploring isn’t what you do in an MMORPG; instead, you just follow the same paths that everyone has already beat into the ground.

Except during open beta time."

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CLOUD19832037d ago

nice stuff, agree except the part he say that every1 is noobs on OB every1 have the same knowledge so no1 can give advices, probably he forget that there is ALPHA & CLOSE BETA before OB so I am sure u can find a lot of ppl with gr8 knowledge on every games OB and those ppl r usually the one that reach the lvl cap first.