“PS Vita Has No Games,” Except This List of Over 70 of Them

GamerXChange: It’s not often that I do this, direct an article to the fanboys, trolls, and haters. But the Miami Heat won last night (Partying for the rest of the month here in Miami) and I’m feeling a little confident. So why not?! Today, I’m directing this article to those “gamers” out there who paint a picture of doom and gloom for Sony’s new handheld, the PlayStation Vita.

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chukamachine2215d ago

Didn't you know.

PS3 has no games either/s

PoSTedUP2215d ago

I am a PS vita lover, n i love racing games but the racing game genre sucks until N4S comes out. they have like one to two tiles per genre to choose from and some genres are missing like survival horror etc. it's still only the launch tho. and GravityRush is better than most console games. but i found it hard deciding where to spend my $40 bucks at. if it wasn't for Gravity Rush i wouldn't have bought anymore games until Ragnarok or Persona4G. so the vita "has games" but not too much of a selection for the hardcore gamer, YET.

avengers19782214d ago

I have 8 vita games and have only had the thing for a few months... and there are already about 3 or 4 more Im interested in getting this year, so I say it has plenty of games.
And honestly people keep calling them ports and remakes are whatever, but Uncharted was a new game and a new experience on the Vita, and Dont all handhelds come out with similar games to there console counterparts.
It's not like nintendo wont put Mario games on the 3ds, oh wait there are tons of them already.

Its what they do, they kind of figure these our are killer games will put them on everything..

I want Infamous Vita game, and God of war Vita game as well. I still look forward to more games like escape plan, and gravity rush being new IP's and utilizing the tech.

TBM2210d ago

so far i have about 5-6 vita games, 1 psp game, and 2 digital games from store. there's more games i could get but i do have other responsibilities so i cant go spend crazy on games lol.

StarFox2215d ago

take out the ports and hd remasters and tell me what you have.

SoundGamer2215d ago

Like the article says:

" Feel free to discuss below that you do not want any of these games, that they are not good quality games, that they’re ports, nothing original, etc. All of the debatable topics that are bound to come forth – but don’t say, 'The Vita has no games.' "

stragomccloud2213d ago

Well... 3Ds started with a lot of ports/remasters too.
Ocarina of Time, Star Fox, Metal Gear Solid 3, Super Street Fighter 4... Regardless... who cares? Good games are good games regardless. I don't own a Vita yet, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't really want one.

LOGICWINS2215d ago

Every gaming console has deny that would be foolish. What I care about is if it has games that I personally want to play.

Cocozero2215d ago

Kinect has games too doesn't mean they are worth buying.

LOGICWINS2215d ago

I can download millions of games for my cellphone. And as you stated, that doesn't mean they are worth playing/buying.

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The story is too old to be commented.