Square Enix announces Japan Expo schedule

Square Enix has announced its special presentations and guests to be featured at next month’s Japan Expo in France.

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Yangus1885d ago

Square Enix i want Versus this generation.

roadkillers1885d ago

Your doing it wrong. Square does exactly the opposite of what fans want...

"Square please release Versus on next gen."

Knowing Square they would even outsmart that request. Get your PS2 controllers ready.

supraking9511885d ago

i smell KH HD Collection announcement, if not at least Birth by Sleep on PSN :D

Leonesaurus1885d ago

Sweet! More info and news on FF XIV 2.0~!!! Hope they show off some new screenshots or possibly a video!

Capt-FuzzyPants1885d ago

It was supposed to be at E3 with a new trailer but they pulled it last minute. I guess they pulled it so they could make a bigger event with more information and give it the spotlight it needs.

I'm looking forward to seeing or hearing more about the luminous engine too.

And what I'm most looking forward to is Kingdom Hearts. That's my favorite game ever and if Yoko Shimomura is there I'm hoping to hear something from her. She's an amazing composer. Maybe even better than Uematsu and Mitsuda.

Leonesaurus1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Yohsi P. said he wanted to save the trailer for around the time the promotional site emerges around July or most likely August, a month before the beta prepares to launch.

The last big patch for the current version of XIV is in late July (patch 1.23) they said in the latest Letter from the Producer so I'm gonna keep watching for it on the Lodestone.

Back to mining and Hamlet Defense~ (> v >)/

TheLyonKing1885d ago

Anything kh related makes me happy :)