10 things survival horror games should remember

GameZone's Andrew Clouther writes, "There are certain themes and aspects of survival horror games I’ve been noticing over the last few years, mostly negative. I would like nothing more to play the ultimately terrifying, relentless, and unforgiving game of all time — sort of like a survival horror Dark Souls. In this article, I list the top 10 qualities game developers shouldn’t forget when making a survival horror game. This list also functions as what would make a perfect survival horror game in my own personal opinion."

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DeadSpaced2221d ago

A lot of things here seem to be aiming at Dead Space 3... And I agree with them. I don't like seeing one of my favorite games waste away due to Universal Ammo or many of the other new and anti-climactic features that will most likely take the "Horror" out of Survival Horror.