Anyone Remember the Circle Pad Pro?

"Yesterday, Nintendo announced the 3DS XL, a 3DS that is bulkier and size and sports a 4.18 inch screen. We can probably expect various sizes of new 3DS handhelds in the future, if the DS’s track record is anything to go by, but there are a few things that are off about this new iteration in the series. It has no Circle Pad Pro built in, and there is no room to put it anywhere. The price is a whole $100 less than the original 3DS, ringing up at $200 instead of $300. The most this addition has to offer is a larger screen that can spread out the graphics and let you get a closer look at their sharp vector edges—at best. Whether the system actually renders those larger graphics or just scales up the original images is unknown, and the latter is most likely." |

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Squatch832099d ago

Actually, the bottom screen is 4.18 inches. The top screen is 4.88 inches.

Waddy1012099d ago

There's also the fact that they are talking about rendering/scaling up graphics. The resolution is still the same, it's just the screen is bigger. No scaling needs to be done.

omarzy2099d ago

Was anyone actually expecting a second circle pad to be put in anyway?

NukaCola2099d ago

Same, yes. Nintendo made us pay for a lame attachment to right their faults and then didn't add one on their next model. Also, it doesn't look like the circle pad attachment will fit on this new model so now are we forced to get another one? Just seems like a very poor decision on Nintty's part.

PopRocks3592099d ago

Right their faults? The Circle Pad Pro offers optional support to around five games out of the entire library. Right now the only people who really NEED it are left handed players who wish to play Kid Icarus Uprising properly.

A second circle pad would have been nice, but try to remember that would probably jack up the price and it would alienate consumers of the original 3DS.

It's shame, I agree but it's far from the end of the world.

jayzablade2099d ago

we don't need an additional circle pad, we already have 1, a d-pad, L&R, YBXA and a touch another really necessary?!

Errod882099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Yes it is if you've played MGS3 Snake Eater or kid icarus uprising and many have games that use Circle Pad Pro.

interrergator2099d ago

mostly kid icarus omg the control is soo aquward

tarbis2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Nintendo will just make another circle pad pro for this one. Great strategy by Nintendo. /s

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The story is too old to be commented.