Curt Schilling tells WEEI radio show that he invested more than $50m in his video-game firm Red Sox star Curt Schilling said Friday that his Rhode Island video game company, 38 Studios LLC, went bankrupt two weeks ago largely because it couldn’t raise more money from outside investors.

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NYC_Gamer2191d ago

Didn't even warn his workers about the financial troubles of the company

DaThreats2191d ago

$50 million in the company, in addition to $5 million to $10 million from other wealthy investors and a $75 million
So $140 million
WTF happened to all that money?

Max Power2191d ago

Hundreds of workers working on two games?

SuperBeast8112191d ago

and for several years it all adds up

fOrlOnhOpe572191d ago

It's hard to imagine where such huge amounts of cash went. Seems 38 Studios financial management team weren't in the same league as their development team.
Great shame and a real waste.

Rubberlegs2191d ago

It is a lot of cash but Kingdoms of Amalur didn't sell well at all. Worldwide its sold around 600k copies so it didn't make anything back from it which sucks because I really liked it. They also picked up Big Huge Games from THQ (THQ shut the studio down and sold it off) and kept all the staff, that cost money too. I doubt its dlc sold that well either.

SuperBeast8112191d ago

it sold about 2 mill just needed 3 mill to break even dont know where you got the 600 k from.

Rubberlegs2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

I pulled it from vgchartz but that 600k was from 360 sales, didn't notice the total from all versions. Still it only shows its sold over 1.19 mill