Top 5 Games To Look Forward To Early 2013

Top 5 games that should be on your radar for early 2013

1.Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 will be the newest instalment in the epic and horrific Dead Space series. Where all ends on Resident Evil 6 look sure to disappoint the hardcore fans who like to feel fear driving down there spine, you can be sure Dead Space 3 will deliver.

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TheLyonKing2217d ago

Dead space 3 looks terrible and star trek I am very iffy about still.

CyanideMatt2217d ago

I may try out tomb raider. I am pretty tired of Dead Space. South Park is awesome but I would never expect a good game about them.

stuntman_mike2217d ago

I'm actually looking forward to lost planet 3 more than dead space 3, although i will probably get both.